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      Self-help for the everyday stresses of modern life

Dealing with Stress, Depression, Anxiety and Low Self-Esteem

Stressing Out began life as a blog all about the epidemic of stress in the modern world.

In particular we focused on stress caused by aspects of our busy and complicated lives, but as we went along the relationship between stress and the serious conditions of depression, anxiety and low self-esteem grew in our minds and in the posts.

Now the site takes a more holistic view of these related conditions and attempts to unravel the connections, while at the same time providing practical advice and support.

You can go directly to the blog posts about: stress, depression, anxiety or low self-esteem.

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Download our eBook, Stress and the City (PDF, 427kb). It's full of useful tips for coping with the pressures of modern life, plus insights into the causes of stress, anxiety, depression and other common conditions.

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